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What Families are saying

"A huge shout out to Rachel! Wise, Compassionate, a true advocate for her clients and or family members!! Rachel is not only a wonderful case manager, but a genuine human being: She is with you, every step of the way!"                                            ~ Deborah Kurland (Caregiver for my mother) 

"Rachel Martinez was one of the first people we met the day we moved Dad into skilled care. She assisted us with the list of forms and questions that needed answering, one of which was the CPR directive. This form consists of some questions a lot of us put off or never even consider having to answer. It was an eye opener; a bracing realization of potential future for my Dad. She was patient and thorough and explained the advantage of having a plan to rely on. Rachel has a wonderful friendly sense of humor and is also very knowledgeable about the day-to-day aging process, the needs of both the elderly and family members, and especially end of life issues. She is a compassionate advocate for seniors who may not be able to express themselves, and a calming counselor for the rest of the family. My dad, sister and I all rely on and value her council and friendship."                                                                                        ~ Holly, Scott, Jim Deyo 

"Rachel provided guidance, insight, empathy, patience, and humor when my mother had to make a dramatic change in where she lived, how she lived and, ultimately, how she chose to die. Over the course of several years, Rachel offered us advice and suggestions free of bias and always with flexibility around our preferences. My mother was a smart, proud and private woman who was willing to let Rachel in to help. Rachel was also invaluable to me, an only child, as I managed my mother's health, moods and eccentricities! I could not have done it without her."                                                                                                                      ~ Steve Costello "Grumpy old man"  

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