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About Rachel

Rachel Martinez is a licensed professional counselor, senior adult consultant and certified death doula. She has served as a counselor and in social services roles for the last 20 years of her career. Holding support groups, educational groups, and providing 1:1 counseling. 

She received a masters degree from The University of Colorado in Colorado Springs in 2007 in Counseling and Human Services. And earned a Death Doula certification from The Conscious Dying Institute in 2016. 


Rachel offers one-on-one counseling for adults. Her expertise is in life transitions: relationship break up, grieving the loss of a loved, loss of a job, divorce, retirement, serious illness, relocation and the like. 

Rachel Offers:

* 1:1 counseling 

* Psychoeducation

* Mental Health Resources

* Coping mechanisms 

* Emotional Support


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